SEO growthBring the power of email marketing at your fingertips. Hundreds of corporate startups have found success in the international market using personalized emails to reach a worldwide audience. From distributing coupons to alerts via newsletters, Email marketing services are designed to help your contacts make a personal connection with your company.

You can now reach for the stars and make your business an international success. In India, SEO can help you optimize your website and ensure that your content gets delivered to the right audience. With E-mail marketing, you can now reach a larger audience at a more personal level and get the most out of your business.

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Custom Templates

Make your newsletters and alerts look ravishing with custom templates. Email marketing needs a personal touch and looking good makes everything better! Choose from a wide range of templates and edit as you like to create your personalized template.

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Automated Emails

Email marketing helps you stay focused on your business and still maintain regular contact with your targets by using automated emails. Send out your monthly newsletters, coupons, discounts, offers, and the latest trivia about your company without breaking a sweat or your schedule.

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User-Friendly Interfaces

Making your customized email templates have never been easier. You can now build and automate your email marketing in India without having to write and compile complex PHP and HTML scripts. You can add GIFs and images that are easy to load and easy on the eyes – just the way you want it!


Expand Your Reach

Run events, conduct surveys, and polls, and collect donations with personalized emails. Build your audience and expand your reach to bring your business to the front. Event marketing is vital to bring new products and developments to the attention of your audience. A regular contact via email will help to ensure your company always stays ahead of the competition.

Our Advertising Process

Understanding the business

The key to a perfect marketing plan is to start with understanding the business. It's very important to understand the solution offered, the target audience, area of operation, current marketing efforts, etc. depending on the information we move on to craft a perfect plan.

Keyword Research

Based on the offerings we come up with the seed keywords and then move on to grow the list of keywords with more intent based keywords. The final keywords are selected based on the insights on number of searches and relevancy.

Website Preparation

Once we are ready with the keywords, we do a thorough website analysis and make a report on the shortcomings, changes, improvements, and action points that we will need in order to convert a visitor into a buyer. Additional codes are added for tracking and analysis of the campaign.

Account Set-up

Once we are ready with the website and other data like keywords and geographies, budgets, timelines we move on to setting up the campaign which includes writing ad copies, designing creative, setting up audiences and ad groups.

Going Live

After the initial structural set-up, a very controlled campaign is launched and monitored closely. Necessary tweaks are made to optimize the campaign for best results, This phase also involves testing and improvising. Post the initial run, a full-fledged campaign takes shape while optimization of the same is a continuous process.

Reporting & Analysis

As the campaign is live, it is monitored closely and timely reports are made and analysis is carried on to understand the user behaviour on site and interaction with ads. conversions and campaigns are reinvented on regular intervals to suite the changing needs.

Email Marketing Walkthrough

Design your template and create a personalized newsletter to go our weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or daily.

Automated responses can help you talk directly to a large audience and build a more personal relationship with your contacts like celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Conduct polls and surveys to have your audience interact with your business at a more personal level and you can grow your community over emails and social media.

Fundraising is made easier by conducting events and donation portals over the internet. You can share your story and gather funds with simple email marketing and the power of social media.

Coupons and discounts are a great way to make sure you keep up your website traffic and have your contacts keep coming back for business. You can share, track, and redeem these discounts effectively with Email marketing India.

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