SEO growthWe see a huge change in the world of marketing today. More and more people and business are getting inclined towards marketing online or through the use of social media. Lots of new ways have been discovered recently for marketing purposes which are very simple to use yet very effective.

The government has encouraged digital marketing efforts in India, for the economic growth of the entire country. Marketing through SMS has also become the best way to reach target audience directly. The different types of text message marketing include Whatsapp marketing, SMS marketing, and email marketing.

Whatsapp marketing is a type of marketing strategy in which the marketer uses the application Whatsapp to conveniently convey the messages to the targeted market. The benefit of using Whatsapp marketing is:

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Self Used Platform

This simple application can be used by the advertiser simply. The user can manage their bulk messaging by controlling and using their own data, measure results through seeing delivered read or unread messages.

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Secured Data

The data circulated by the user is protected by the UK data protection act; therefore the user can be rest assured of their privacy.

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Messages Can Be Personalized

As this is more of a user-friendly application the messages sent through this can be personalized by using the recipient's name, last name, city of birth, greetings, Etc making the message more appealing.


The Added Functions Of This Type Of Marketing Platform

Senders can be customized by name, Alerts and notifications are received once the sender receives or vies the message, Continues monitoring of the messages by call centre service providers correct any faults instantly, Availability of free automated replies for efficiency and the user gets an all day every day support from the Whatsapp team.

Short Messaging System (SMS) Marketing

SMS marketing or short messaging system is used widely for marketing purposes from a long time. This system helps in bulk SMS send, the user can send multiple messages just by a click to a large audience. The user can also attach files and pictures to send to the target audience. By the use of mobile solutions, user can send vouchers discounts and other such facilities to the target.


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