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Monologue to Dialogue . Marketing has evolved from announcements to experiences and to engagements. Brands are turning humane and are fostering relationships. Social media is empowering brands as well as people. The world is witnessing a revolution in the way they communicate with brands and vice versa, Social Media Marketing is not an option but a necessity.

Building Community. We help you build a perfect community of influencers and buyers and engage then in conversation with your brand for a fulfilling relationship.

Social Media Management

is a great customer service tool and a real time information sharing platform with multi-fold benefits


Brand Recognition & Trust

Social Media let's you connect to your your consumers frequently via multiple content formats. When you connect so deeply and frequently brand recognition & trust are the most definite outcomes.


Consumer Insights

Imagine the possibilities for your business if you know, who is your precise audience and what do they want? Social media connects you to your direct consumer and helps you understand the demographics.


Enhanced Reach

Almost every one from your audience is on popular social media platforms, with a good content strategy you can reach most of the target audience in a much faster and a better way.


Better Customer Experience

Social media gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your level of service with every interaction. The concerns and queries can be addressed immediately to express your attention and responsibility.

Social Media Management Process


It all begins with an informative briefing session.
Understanding the brand and its core values.
Understanding the reason to "go social" and the expected outcome.

Brand Analysis

Analysing and understanding the current marketing strategy.
Analysing competitor presence, behaviour and actions.
Understanding & Analysing the audience profiles.

Brand Presence Assessment

Assessing the current presence.
Auditing the profiles

Strategy and Planning

Creating a brand style guide.
Defining a line of conversation to reach the goal
Formulating content strategy as per the line of conversation


Rectifying, enhancing the current presence.
Creating presence as per the strategy.
Content creation ans syndication.
Engagement, monitoring and response management.

Reporting & Analysis

Analysing the profiles and response.
generating reports.
Reinventing strategy as per the reports.

Engaging consumers with brands since 7 years!

We are one of the oldest Social Media Management agencies in Mumbai successfully operating since year 2010. Since then we have connected millions of consumers to brands.

A Focused Perspective: A well defined goal is the most vital part of any Social Media strategy.
We with your help zoom into a purpose for going social with a mission and a corresponding value and everything else is planned to aligned accordingly.

Effective Channel Strategy: Not everything is for everyone...
Social Media is not about being present anywhere and everywhere. It's about being present at the place at a right time. The chosen platform should be in line with your initial goal and worth the effort.

Brand Guidelines: Defining/understanding the brand persona, aesthetics and essence.
It is highly important to carry forward the brands core values and persona and communicate the same to the consumers, We work as per the current communication guideline or draft a style guide to be in sync.


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